Latin American Headquarters

OSOP Headquarters, Volcán, Panamá

OSOP’s primary computing and communications facilities, electronics laboratory and mechanical shop are located in Volcan, Panama. We also have locations in the United States of America and access to the anywhere in the world via our international shipping partners.

OSOP’s facilities total ~750m2 and include:

  • Model seismic observatory (observatorio sismico)
  • Offices for OSOP’s geophysicists, electronic engineers, programmers and system administrators
  • Office for book keeping staff and administrators
  • Offices for visiting scientists
  • Machine Shop
  • Electronics Shop
  • Classroom facilities and Hostel
  • Conference Room
  • Server Room
  • Satellite and radio communications tower
  • Industrial UPS and 20 kW Generator
  • 3 seismic vaults including PA.BRU2
  • Weather station and 10 meter tower
  • COMING SOON!: Boreholes to 10, 30, 100 and 250 meters

The Shop

Machine Shop: Instrument design, development and fabrication

Machines include:

  • Shake and calibration tables for instrument calibration
  • CNC powered Variable Speed Production Routers
  • 3D Printers (2 industrial printers)
  • Laser Cutter
  • Mini Vertical Milling/ Drilling Machine
  • Hand Tapper
  • Belt Drive Bench Lathe
  • Milling/ Drilling Machine
  • 16-1/2-in Drill Press
  • 6 x 9-in Belt and Disc Sander
  • Horizontal/ Vertical Metal-Cutting Bandsaw
  • Mini Lathe
  • Metal Shearing Machine



OSOP NTP clock and rack server

OSOP runs the most sophisticated geophysical computational facility in the Americas.

OSOP’s primary computing facilities are located in Volcan, Panama. Our servers are strategically located internationally in the United States, Europe and Asia.

OSOP runs a fully operation real-time monitoring seismic observatory and network on 64-bit servers with fully functional automated and post-processing software. We virtualize in Ubuntu above CentOS and Debian systems. All servers are supported by redundant industrial-grade UPS systems, a 20 kW generator, radio-powered Ethernet and backup Satellite systems. Time is syncronized across all systems by OSOP’s in-house NTP servers.

All employees boot up from dumb terminals and run their X sessions across a Gigabit network to virtual machines.

Seismic Vaults

Visiting scientists from Brasil, South Africa and the USA are pictured at the entrance to BRU2, a seismic vault owned and operated by OSOP.

OSOP owns and operates 3 seismic vaults for real-time earthquake monitoring, sensor development and testing, and experimentation. The most advanced installation “BRU2″, was finished and brought online in 2011. It houses a Nanometrics Trillium Compact Broadband Seismometer and Nanometrics Titan Accelerometer. All instrumentation was oriented using OSOP’s gyroscope.

BRU2 Seismic Vault and Power Hut

Real-time data from BRU2 are available through the IRIS Consortium: BRU2 at IRIS

Click here for the BRU2 station map.






Located at the base of Volcán Barú

Our offices are built upon the sector collapse, pyroclastic flow and lahar deposits of Volcán Barú, a volcano that last erupted 500 years ago:

OSOP is located at the base of Volcán Barú and built over historic sector collapse, lahar and pyroclastic flow deposits.

OSOP is located at the base of Volcán Barú and built over historic sector collapse, lahar and pyroclastic flow deposits.

For more information on the volcanic history download the USGS Open File Report in English or Spanish