Android/ iOS Software Engineer

Job Description

Looking for an opportunity to escape into nature while working on exciting new IoT products?  Located in the western highlands of Panama, OSOP is seeking a self-motivated individual with experience in programming Android/ iOS and web applications for IoT products.  We are a small company perpetually engaged in the design, implementation and bringing to market both hardware and software products focused on the many modern problems presented by earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano monitoring, and others.

For our next line of upcoming products, we require an on-site programmer who will be responsible for:

  • Android/ iOS development
  • UX design
  • Client- and Server-side programs, including interactions between both
  • Managing other programmers and projects
  • Ultimately delivering the final implementation

New products are IoT related and will provide the candidate with an opportunity to engage with, and gain unparalleled experience in, this next wave of the technological (r)evolution currently underway.

Skills & Requirements

The ideal candidate will be an expert in Android/ iOS and web development and will have experience programming at the lowest level.  A full stack programmer would be ideal. Excellent communication skills are a must and the candidate must also be able to take a general directive from a high-level stakeholder to produce a final specific solution.

Required skills include:

  • Android/ iOS development
  • Extensive experience in C/C++
  • Javascript frameworks, e.g., AngularJS, Backbone.js, etc. (just the languages we are crazy about now – will be different in a year, no doubt. So you gotta love learning new languages)
  • Experience in modern scripting languages
  • Expert in Linux
  • Fluent English

Desirable skills include:

  • Full Stack Development experience a big plus
  • Experience with these technologies: soft AP, Xamarin for cross-platform development
  • Experience in, or willing to learn, Go, node.js
  • Experience in low-level programming (C/ C++)
  • Knowledge of hardware & firmware a plus
  • Functional Spanish

About OSOP

OSOP develops, supports, installs, maintains and configures instrumentation and software for early warning civil defense systems to mitigate the effects of natural disasters. We focus on solutions where hardware and software are completely integrated. OSOP promotes a dynamic, fast-paced and entrepreneurial work environment.

OSOP is located on Baru Volcano in Panama, providing nature lovers unrivaled access to the rain forest while also being one short hour from the Pacific ocean.

As an OSOP programmer you will enjoy the best paid technical position, a private office and the best tools money can buy.

If interested in this opportunity, please apply by sending your CV AND relevant code samples to [email protected]. Or call us at +507-6747-1427 for more information. Ask for Branden, the Director.


Keywords: Panama, Central America, South America, Latin America, programming, iOS, Android, software engineer, Xamarin, Go, node.js, C, C++, javascript, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Linux

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