Basic Earthworm Setup

Since the focus of this short course is on data acquisition and exchange between SeedLink, SeisComP and Earthworm, our Earthworm setup will be minimal:

[email protected]:~/$ status
using default config file startstop_unix.d
NOTE: If next line reads "ERROR: tport_attach...", Earthworm is not running.
      Sent request for status; waiting for response...

using default config file startstop_unix.d
                    EARTHWORM SYSTEM STATUS

        Hostname-OS:            panama - Linux 3.8.0-29-generic
        Start time (UTC):       Tue Oct  1 18:12:19 2013
        Current time (UTC):     Tue Oct  1 18:12:28 2013
        Disk space avail:       1998956 kb
        Ring  1 name/key/size:  WAVE / 1000 / 1024 kb
        Startstop's Log Dir:    /opt/earthworm/martinique/logs/
        Startstop's Params Dir: /opt/earthworm/martinique/params/
        Startstop's Bin Dir:    /opt/earthworm/v7.7/bin
        Startstop Version:      v7.7 2012-08-13

         Process  Process           Class/    CPU
          Name      Id     Status  Priority   Used  Argument
         -------  -------  ------  --------   ----  --------
       startstop   30391   Alive      ??/ 0 00:00:00  -
         statmgr   30392   Alive      ??/ 0 00:00:00  statmgr.d
        slink2ew   30393   Alive      ??/ 0 00:00:00  slink2ew.d
   ew2ringserver   30394   Alive      ??/ 0 00:00:00  ew2ringserver.d
     wave_mon_ux   30395   Alive      ??/ 0 00:00:00  wave_mon_ux.d
      ringserver   30396   Alive      ??/ 0 00:00:00  ring.conf

Our Earthworm setup will consist of :

  • startstop: the mother of all Earthworm modules. When initiated with the “startstop&” command, only the Earthworm modules defined in params/startstop_unix.d are started.
  • statmgr/ wave_mon_ux: These modules ensure that the other modules stay alive
  • slink2ew: for importing data to Earthworm from a SeedLink server
  • ew2ringserver: for exporting data from Earthworm to a SeedLink server
  • ringserver: Earthworm’s new native SeedLink server (present as of v7.7)
  • export_scnl: Earthworm’s module for exporting waveforms from the shared memory ring. The ewexport plugin wave developed for SeedLink to permit SeisComP to communicate with export_scnl and import the data in real-time
  • Earthworm module configuration

    The Earthworm configuration files live at /opt/earthworm/martinique/params/


    MyModuleId       MOD_SLINK2EW
    RingName         WAVE
    HeartBeatInterval     30
    LogFile               1
    Verbosity      0
    SLport         16501
    Stream   PA_BRU2 HH?.D


    MyModuleId     MOD_EW2RINGSERVER
    RingName       WAVE
    RSAddress      localhost:16000
    HeartBeatInt   30 
    LogFile        1
    MaxMsgSize     4096
    QueueSize	400 
    FlushLatency 5 
    Send_scnl * * * *


    RingDirectory /opt/earthworm/martinique/params/ring
    DataLinkPort 16000
    SeedLinkPort 17000


    MyModuleId     MOD_EXPORT_SCNL
    RingName       WAVE
    HeartBeatInt   30
    LogFile        1
    ServerPort     16022
    MaxMsgSize       64000
    RingSize	  9999
    SendAliveText   "alive"
    SendAliveInt      0 
    RcvAliveText    "alive"
    RcvAliveInt       0
    SocketTimeout 200000
    SocketDebug   1
    Send_scnl   * * * *

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