Big Data – Part II

An update on Branden’s previous post on the artistic possibilities of Big Data.

Following on from the inspiration generated from the newer wind maps of the US, we now have a web developer, Cameron Beccario, taking on this big data in a more globally animated way.  His effort allows us to view current wind conditions across the entire globe.  Updated every three hours using data from the Global Forecast System provided by NOAA and friends (details here).  This view enables the viewer to rotate the globe, zoom in on a region, and click to see current conditions at a specific point.  All this as an exercise to learn Javascript.  Not bad…!

And this gives rise to a very simple question:  Going beyond the artistic, are there other (big) data sets waiting in the wings to be exploited?

One very interesting candidate after looking around the NOAA web-site is their global rainfall estimates based on infrared satellite image data from GOES satellites.  This data could be periodically retrieved and a global forecast model produced much in the same fashion as the wind conditions above.

Inspiration begetting inspiration, begetting yet more…


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