Welcome to the Client Support Page

Do you have a technical support question or would you like to open a technical support account? Email our technical staff at [email protected]. OSOP offers hourly technical support contracts. Our most popular contracts are for 80 hours, valid for 2 or more years.

Why technical support? Get a problem solved quickly or an answer to a difficult hardware/ software question when you need it the most.

OSOP offers technical support in:


  • Poles and Zeros
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Station Quality Assessment
  • Choosing the right instrumentation for the job at hand

Scripting, Installation and Configuration of Software

  • Python and bash scripting- AUTOMATE your life!
  • numpy, obspy, scipy
  • SeisComP [Developed by GFZ/ Gempa] and SeisComP Pro [A Gempa product distributed by OSOP]
  • ShakeMap/ Cast [Developed by USGS]
  • Seisan [Developed by UiB]
  • Earthworm (including Swarm, WaveMon and Winston) [Developed by USGS]
  • Tsunami Modelling Software (TOAST) [A Gempa product distributed by OSOP]
  • Earlybird [Developed by WCATWC-NOAA]
  • ArcGIS [Developed by ESRI]
  • CRISIS97 [Developed by UNAM]
  • PDCC [Developed by IRIS]
  • PQLX [Developed by Boaz Consultancy]
  • rdseed [Developed by IRIS]

And much, much more.