Pantalla Sismica

Introducing your seismic cloud service

At last, the long-awaited fail-safe backup to established monitoring institutions and a practical alternative to costly local monitoring teams.

pantalla sismica

The Pantalla Sismica displays local seismic data in real time by connecting to automated processing systems on remote servers

Pantalla Sismica (SeiScreen) displays real-time, automated global earthquake information using OSOP’s state-of-the-art earthquake monitoring system. Earthquake locations and magnitudes are transmitted in real-time across a low-bandwidth fail-safe connection from OSOP’s independent and redundant international servers. Real-time data feeds into earthquake processing systems at each server node from all major international seismic networks including Geofon, Geoscope, GSN and IRIS. Local area networks can be added to enhance solutions.

Your observatory. In a box.

SeiScreen works out of the box. No configuration required. No user interaction. No avenue for system failure. Simply position your 20×18.5×4 mm unit behind your flat-screen monitor, plug in the power source, connect the HDMI or VGA cable and see the latest local and world-wide seismic event! Event location and magnitude are displayed in map view and accompanied by a panel with relevant earthquake parameters.   Need a more robust solution? We will install an industrial-strength generator and satellite system. The lights and internet will never go out.


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