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Hi Earthwormers:

Late last year, the IPGP introduced ew2sc3, a module that allows you import triggers and locations from your Earthworm into SeisComP. Now you can apply the full power of the SeisComP GUIs to even your Earthworm. This would not only allow you to visualize your Earthworm earthquake locations but also to manually re-pick and re-locate them.

scesv (SeisComP Seattle 2013.245)

How it works
For triggers:
1. carlstatrig issues a trigger
2. trig2arc converts the trigger message into a hypo message
3. export generic then exports the hypo message to SeisComP
4. ew2sc3 parses the message and passes the information on to SeisComP’s scevent module
5. scevent either associates the origin to an existing event that was already registered by SeisComP or declares a new event
6. The new origin is available for review in scolv and everything is saved to the SeisComP database

For hypocenters:
Skip steps 1 and 2 and jump right to 3

Seismology made simple :)


And ew2sc3 works for SeisComPro too. So you can use SeisComPro’s web-based GUIs to review the earthquake from Starbucks, the bar or the comfort of your home.

Many thanks to Stephen Roselia and Jean Marie for writing ew2sc3.


– Branden

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