Short-period seismometers. Remastered.

Caldera: A better short-period solution

The Caldera is our answer to seismologists who want a simple, robust short-period seismometer. The Caldera was designed to be electrically similar to Nanometrics Trillium Compact in that the pin­out matches and the output voltage is +/­ 10 Volts differential. Caldera is ready to connect to a Taurus or Centaur.

As a stripped down version of the Sixaola, the Caldera maintains the following advantages over the much acclaimed Lennartz 3D:

  • We have extended the flat portion of the geophone’s response curve even lower to 0.5 Hz and added an additional pole at 6 seconds to provide for a steeper noise reduction before the 5-7 second microseism noise peak.
  • The signal is converted to velocity even earlier on in the circuit. This is unique to OSOP’s design (Thank’s Dave!). The advantage is that acceleration is not seen in any stage, thus reducing the possibility of clipping from high frequency noise.

Also available: an equivalent 3­-component accelerometer.


Recommended Applications:

  • Local and Regional Seismic Monitoring
  • Volcano Monitoring
  • Surveillance of Geothermal Fields
  • Registration of Seismic Noise and Studies of Soil Amplification (e.g., H/V studies).


  • 3 component 4.5 Hz geophones electronically extended to 0.5 Hz (2s)
  • Power Consumption: 9-36 V
  • IP68 Casing
  • Dimensions: size of a coffee cup (on its side)
  • Click here for full specifications

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