Etna to SeedLink Converter

Your Kinemetrics K2 or Etna can now speak SeisComP (SeedLink) or Earthworm (Tracebuf2)

We have developed a way to convert your K2/Etna into a SeedLink server. We do this by attaching a small box the size of a 16 ounce beer can to your K2 or Etna serial port.


  • SeisComP (SeedLink/ MiniSEED) compatible
  • Earthworm (Tracebuf2) compatible
  • Event STA/LTA triggering and storage (Optional: ftp forwarding of events)
  • Configure your K2/Etna from the command-line interface
  • Tunnels to your home institution by busting through pesky firewalls
  • NTP timing


  • OS: Linux
  • Timing: NTP
  • Software included: Earthworm, SeedLink server, vtun
  • Dimensions: 160x90x60 mm
  • IP66
  • Accepts 9 – 15 Volts input
  • All connectors included (Etna serial port connector, female RJ45 Ethernet connector and Anderson PowerPole power connectors)

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