Miramar Tsunami Detection System

Automated Tsunami Detection

Miramar is more than tsunami detection- It is EVERYTHING in one system.

OSOP combines:

By combining all of these elements, OSOP can help you establish a fail-safe observatory capable of operating when your country’s power and communications fail. We provide and integrate all of the necessary instrumentation and software to monitor for tsunami-generic events in real-time. And we handle the rapid dissemination of warnings to keep the public informed and prompt orderly evacuations.


Tsunami Modelling Software

Developed by Gempa, OSOP now distributes and supports TOAST (Tsunami Observation And Simulation Terminal). Image Source: Gempa


How it Works

OSOP’s seismic sensors feed continuous waveform data from coastal tide gauges and regional seismometers into SeisComP’s automated earthquake detection software. When a seismic event strikes off the coastline, the TOAST tsunami modelling software package immediately receives the earthquake’s event paramaters from SeisComP and determines if the earthquake is tsunami-genic. A super computer is then thrown into action as TOAST runs on-the-fly modelling and simulations to determine wave heights and arrival times. If a tsunami is imminent, alerts are sent out to the community via Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and Fax. Coastal sirens are simultaneously triggered prompting coastal evacuations.

And it is ALL automated.

Poster: Integrated Tsunami Warning SystemEnglish version; Versión en Español

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