Seismometer Calibration Table

Introducing OSOP’s Calibration Table

Seismometer Calibration Table, Made in Panama

Seismometer Calibration Table, Made in Panama

Laboratory or field calibration of broadband and short-period seismometers by step-function. Verifies the entire instrumentation chain!


Angel demonstrates how to calibrate a Nanometrics Trillium Compact by step-function






Designed after Erhard Wielandt’s Lennartz CT-EW1 calibration table, OSOP’s seismic calibration table is lighter and motor-free. The days of calibrating your sensors with heavy immobile workshop equipment are gone.



Calibrating seismic instruments in extreme environments by Steve McNutt



Now you can calibrate your sensors in the field, in the vault and in the laboratory.








Technical specifications

What is it?

A vertical single step displacement tool.

Why is it useful?

A dial gauge with micrometer precision tells you exactly how much the sensor moved, a critical value when generating an instrument response file or confirming your existing instrument response file is still valid.

How does it work?

In the interest of improving the robustness and field readiness of the Wielandt calibration table, OSOP has removed all motorized parts, replacing the motor with a manual lever. NO gear boxes NO fuss and NO power supply.

Is it portable?

Yes, the OSOP Calibration Table was designed for the field and remote out-of-the-laboratory experiences.

Will it work with for my STS-2.5?

Yes, and your Nanometrics Trillium Compact, Nanometrics Trillium 120, STS-2, Metrozet, Reftek 151, Lennartz LE 3Dlite, Guralp CMG-3, … You name your favorite sensor and the calibration table will work.

Does it come with an extension bridge to calibrate the horizontal components?


Is it complicated?

Using the table is EASY. All of the complicity lies in the design- getting true vertical motion is tricky. But we sorted that out, so your job is as simple as moving a lever.

Can I build my own?

Absolutely, and we encourage it- see these instructions by ErhardWielandt to build your own table out of plywood. But when you want commercial-grade precision, go OSOP.

Can I send my instrumentation to OSOP to be calibrated?

Yes! We will generate a new, up-to-date response file for your instrumentation (poles zeros, gain- the complete transfer function) and deliver it to you in RESP, dataless or inventory-xml formats compatible with Earlybird, Earthworm, ObSpy, Seisan and SeisComP.

The specs

  • Designed by Erhard Wielandt and modified by OSOP
  • Precision: The dial gauge has micrometer precision
  • Motors: Not required
  • Power Supply: Not required. People powered.
  • Dimensions: A bit bigger than a shoe box
  • Displacement: ~0.0025 – 0.550 mm or more than enough to calibrate your instrument of choice
  • Accuracy: 1%
  • Extension bridge included
  • Full specs here


Manual: Including Youtube how-to videos guide you through the entire process.


osopcal: Software for determining the gain from calibration table experiments.

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