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Vertical Seismic Monitoring Solutions

OSOP specializes in vertical earthquake solutions. OSOP combines technical, scientific, programming and software expertise to offer a full suite of seismic services from vault construction to the configuration of automated, real-time software packages. Inquire how OSOP can help your Seismic Observatory execute it’s duties using the cutting-edge in instrumentation and software: [email protected].

OSOP's model workstation for Seismic Observatories

OSOP’s model workstation for Seismic Observatories

Automated, Real-time and Turn-key Monitoring Solutions

OSOP approaches earthquake monitoring with an all-inclusive philosophy. We will configure, tune and integrate any of the following software packages:

  • BLNSS (Base-level noise seismic spectrum)
  • Earlybird
  • Earthworm (including Swarm and Winston)
  • ShakeMap and ShakeArray
  • Seisan
  • SeisComP

Experience in Monitoring and Early Warning Systems:

  • OSOP stays on top of it’s clients needs by maintaining a full-scale observatory. Panama has contracted OSOP to monitor Baru Volcano, a task OSOP has fulfilled for almost a decade. OSOP has long maintained the most advanced volcano monitoring network in Central and South America at Baru Volcano. Data are transmitted digitally via radio and satellite to OSOP’s base station where technicians maintain a full-scale and fully-operational data acquisition and processing center. Data are processed in house using Earlybird, Earthworm, Seisan, SeisComP and other proprietary software.
  • Monitoring and early warning of flash floods, lahars and inundations at Baru Volcano.
  • Seismic Monitoring of Western Panama

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Support for seismic monitoring at:


  • Institute of Geosciences at the University of Panama (IGC-UPA), Panama
  • Panama Canal (ACP), Panama
  • UNAM, Mexico
  • MARN, EL Salvador
  • UCR, Costa Rica
  • COPECO, Honduras
  • INSIVUMEH, Guatemala
  • Support for the development of the Tsunami Warning System in Panama, Central America and the Caribbean

OSOP has installed seismic monitoring equipment and software at:

  • OSC, Bolivia
  • UCR, Costa Rica
  • IGEPN, Ecuador
  • MARN, El Salvador
  • UNAM, Mexico
  • INETER, Nicaragua
  • Panama Canal (ACP), Panama
  • UPA, Panama
  • COPECO, Honduras
  • INSIVUMEH, Guatemala

See Clients for a complete list our clients.

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Inquire how OSOP can help your Seismic Observatory execute it’s duties using the cutting-edge in instrumentation and software: [email protected].

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