CARIBE-EWS WG1 Short Course


Hosted by: Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, Observatoire Volcanologique et Sismologique de Martinique
Organizer: Jean-Marie Saurel, ICG-CARIBE EWS WG1 chair
Location: Martinique, Caribbean
Dates: October 23rd – 25th, 2013
Instructors: Richard Boaz & Branden Christensen


  • Introduce PDCC & rdseed tools for instrument response file management
  • Demonstrate how PQLX can be used for data quality control
  • Exchange real-time waveform data between SeisComP and Earthworm using SeedLink, slink2ew, ringserver and export_scnl
  • Itinerary

    Day 1

  • Exercise 1: Generate instrument response files with PDCC
  • Exercise 2: Introduce rdseed to convert dataless to RESP-formatted response files
  • Exercise 3: scp RESP files & continuous waveforms to server for PQLX processing
  • Exercise 4: Quality control continuous waveform data with PQLX
  • Day 2

    Today's Objective: Click to enlarge image

    Today’s Objective: Click to enlarge image

  • Exercise 1: Configure SeisComP’s SeedLink server to connect to Sixaola short-period instrument
  • Exercise 2: Use slinktool to confirm data exchange is taking place
  • Exercise 3: View real-time waveforms by using seisgram2k to connect to SeedLink
  • Exercise 4: Configure Earthworm’s slink2ew to acquire data from SeisComP’s SeedLink server
  • Exercise 5: Use sniffwave and wave_mon_ux to confirm data is entering Earthworm shared memory ring
  • Exercise 6: Setup Earthworm’s ringserver (new in Earthworm 7.7) for SeedLink exchange with SeisComP
  • Exercise 7: Setup Earthworm’s export_scnl for SeedLink exchange with SeisComP
  • TOAST Tsunami Modelling Presentation
  • Additional Resources

  • SEED Manual: See “Appendix A: Channel Naming” on page 133
  • IRIS Mailing List
  • Course Photos
  • What to Bring

    Please come prepared with:

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Virtual Machine or physical)
  • ssh installed (sudo apt-get install ssh)
  • java installed (sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk)
  • PDCC 3.8 installed (Download PDCC here)
  • PQLX example data:

  • Example waveform data in miniSEED format
  • Associated response files in RESP format (dataless SEED preferred)
  • bandeau_partenaires