MASW & REMI Workshop Announcement

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OSOP and SARA Electronic Instruments are pleased to announce the MASW, REMI, HV and Vs30 Refraction and Reflection Techniques Workshop for the Americas

Date: June 2 -4, 2014
Location: OSOP, Volcán, Panama: Virtual Tour
Registration Deadline: March 15th, 2014. The course is limited to 30 participants, so Sign up NOW!.
Cost: $1,500 USD (Transportation, hotels and food not included) $1,750 USD after registration deadline.

What is OSOP?
OSOP develops, supports, installs, maintains and configures geophysical instrumentation and software.

OSOP is a regional distributor of SARA products.

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Workshop Description
This 3-day short-course will focus on training participants in MASW, REMI, HV and Vs30 active and passive source techniques using SARA’s DOREMI hardware and software. This course is targeted at seismic observatories and city-planning professionals that have to determine the subsurface response in populated areas and at professionals in the mining and O&G sectors.

Day 1: Surface survey (with a multichannel DoREMI seismograph)
Day 2: Analysis of the sub surface layer(s) using the MASW method with the guidance of the quick refraction calculation.
Analisys of the resonance frequency of site using the measuremenet of the Ellipticity curve (HVSR).
Day 3: Compute the p-f image, pick dispersion curve & make the inversion Vs model
Better fitting of the seismostratigraphy at depth > of 30 meters with the use of combined analisys MASW+HVSR.

This course is targeted at people who need perform reflection and refraction analyses in populated areas.

– Lectures will be given in English and Spanish.
– Instructors:
Mauro Mariotti of Sara Instruments, Italy
Giovanni Bongiovanni of ENEA, Italy
Branden Christensen of OSOP, Panamá
– OSOP can help with transportation arrangements.

Course participation is limited to 30 so Sign up NOW!

Ideal for MASW and REMI refraction and reflection surveys, DoREMI is a fully integrated multi-channel seismograph system that incorporates and distributes digitization along the cable. For additional information see DoREMI.

MASW: Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves where active-source techniques are used to generate surface waves.

REMI: Refraction Micrometer. Employs passive-source techniques.