OSOP Donates 8 Seismometers to Peace Corps Project

This past week, OSOP hosted Greg Waite, a seismology professor from Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI. The purpose of Greg’s visit was to support his student Chet Hopp, a graduate student in seismology at MTU, who is currently living and working in Panama as a Peace Corps Volunteer through MTU’s Peace Corps Masters International program. Through this program students serve abroad as Peace Corps volunteers for a minimum of 2 years working in diverse areas of community development while at the same time conducting research in fulfillment of their Masters Degrees.

Chet’s research aims to establish a network of seismometers on Baru Volcano, with a specific interest in the areas to the North and West of Boquete on the volcano’s eastern flank. Historic and present seismic activity, as reported by the local population, appears to be centered in this area. However, given the absence of a full-time seismic observation network on the volcano, little is known about these events.

OSOP has donated 8 short-period ‘Darien’ instruments to Chet’s project as well as technical assistance and guidance in the hopes that some light can be shed on the volcano’s current seismicity. Greg’s visit consisted of project planning with Chet and the OSOP staff as well as scouting for potential sites for instruments in the Boquete area.


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