How to use rdseed to convert dataless SEED volumes to RESP format

(for use in PQLX)

1. Install the dependencies:

[email protected]:~/$ sudo apt-get install cmake
[email protected]:~/$ sudo apt-get install g++-multilib
[email protected]:~/$ sudo updatedb

2. Download rdseed to your local machine:
Fill in the IRIS request form: http://www.iris.edu/forms/rdseed_request.htm

wget the tar ball:

[email protected]:~/$ wget http://www.iris.edu/pub/programs/rdseedv5.3.1.tar.gz

3. Compile rdseed:

[email protected]:~/$ cd rdseedv5.3.1
[email protected]:~/$ make


4. Now run rdseed to convert dataless to RESP format:

[email protected]:~/$ ./rdseed -R -f [dataless]

see also: ./rdseed -h

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