Reminder: OSOP to offer an Earthworm course this November in Volcán, Panamá

Dates: Sunday, November 10th to Friday, November 15th, 2013
Location: OSOP, Volcan Baru, Panamá
Cost: 749.99 USD (includes housing, ice breaker, coffee, snacks, a power dinner and RUMBA. Transportation not included).

Click here to sign up:
Course webpage:

What is OSOP?

OSOP develops, supports, installs, maintains and configures instrumentation and software for early warning civil defense systems to mitigate the effects of natural disasters.

Course Description

This short-course is comprehensive and ambitious in its scope*:
Day 1: Linux for Geophysicists
Day 2: Introduction to Earthworm | Earthworm Installation Part 1
Modules: startstop_nt, statmgr, copystatus, slink2ew, the OSOP Wave Server, OSOP wavemon, Swarm
Day 3: Earthworm Installation Part 2
Modules: fir, carlstatrig, carlsubtrig, trig2disk, waveman2disk, pick_ew, binder_ew
Day 4: The Day-to-Day Use of Earthworm in Observatories | Earthworm Advanced Installation Part 1
Modules: The Megamodule (eqassemble, eqbuf, eqcoda, hyp2000_mgr)
Day 5: Earthworm Advanced Installation Part 2 | Q&A Session
Modules: The Megamodule (eqassemble, eqbuf, eqcoda, hyp2000_mgr), localmag, ewhtmlreport

*Upon receiving a list of participants, the course will be tailored to their needs. Additional topics are welcome.

This course is targeted at people who need to install, integrate and maintain different seismological software, technicians who install field equipment and need to maintain response databases for seismic networks as well as those who are on the fence about installing integrated software packages which include Earthworm, Seisan and SeisComP.

Some important notes:
– Lectures will be given in English and Spanish.
– Instructors: Branden Christensen, MSc and Angel Rodriguez, MSc.
– Presentations: Please note that you do not have to bring a presentation to the workshop. You may bring a poster of any nature so that you may share ideas with staff and participants during coffee breaks.
– OSOP can help with transportation arrangements.

Course participation is limited to 8 so Sign up NOW!:

For additional course information, including a list of upcoming courses, visit us at

Kind Regards,

Branden Christensen
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