ShakeMap Update r687 Released!

Hi all:

Bruce Worden recently announced a new ShakeMap release. The Seismo Guys tip their hats to Bruce et al. for continuously improving ShakeMap and for their rapid-response to inquiries at shake-dev. In the past 12 months Bruce has announced 4 revisions (!) (r620,r623,r639,r687), and as the change log suggests, progress is continuous. It is also worth mentioning that in the latest release of SeisComP (version Seattle) Gempa and SED-ETH Zurich (spear-headed by John Clinton) joined forces to bring us scwfparams- a new module that outputs xml files, providing the missing link between SeisComP and ShakeMap.

Changes in r687 include:

  • Improved KML for Google Earth
  • Improved contouring
  • Bug squashing
  • Small tweaks like adding logo and legend URLs to allow better customization of KML

For a complete list of improvements see the change log

Join the shake-dev list for updates and Q&A: shake-dev mailing list

Read about ShakeMap here:


One thought on “ShakeMap Update r687 Released!

  1. Just some more background here. To my knowledge, the USGS-funded ShakeMap/Cast project has 3 principle developers:
    Bruce Worden
    David Wald
    Kuo-Wan Lin

    These guys handle squashing most bugs and feature-additions though the broader community of end-users makes important contributions in identifying bugs, areas for improvement and desired new features.

    And, as you can see in the change log, Peter Lombard of Berkeley has made repeated contributions to the code. I am sure there have been a long list of other key contributors too.

    Enjoy the weekend!


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