Common Acquisition Protocol Server (CAPS)

CAPS is a data distribution and archiving server developed by gempa GmbH to transmit multi-sensor data from stations to the data center.

SeedLink is wide spread and widely loved. It is the de facto standard of real-time data transmission. But there is always room for improvement. You can think of CAPS as a more versatile SeedLink server.


  • Format-independent: CAPS archives anything (miniSEED, images from your office webcam, raw temperature data, continuous GPS data, tide gauge data, live video, whatever you send). It eats whatever the plug-in provides. Unlike slarchive, the CAPS archive is not limited to ONE format. You can store any format, even mixed formats. CAPS just needs to know the start and end time of a record, nothing else.
  • Sample-rate independent: CAPS can handle low and high sampled data in parallel (e.g., temperature data and continuous seismic or gps data)
  • Redundancy: CAPS can fetch data from multiple connections simultaneously (e.g., from a satellite link and Internet link). Data packets are then merged and duplicate records dropped.
  • Web-based: Built-in web interface for assessing data quality and data transmission fidelity.
  • On-the-fly Reconfiguration: No more down-time!!! You can reconfigure the CAPS server for new stations or change existing station parameters without stopping the acquisition server
  • Duplicate records are ignored.
  • Out-of-order packets are properly archived.
  • CAPS supports wildcard requests
  • Advantages of CAPS over SeedLink

  • A common acquisition protocol for all of your instrumentation: CAPS supports variable record size
  • Better protection against data loss: CAPS offers on-the-fly reconfiguration
  • Less overhead: A client packet consists of a minuscule 2 byte header followed by the data
  • Security: secure communication via SSL
  • CAPS offers web-based configuration
  • CAPS can handle backfilled data
  • CAPS does data acquisition AND archival
  • Modular Architecture

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    Similar to SeedLink, the connection between a data provider and CAPS is made through a plug-in.

    Web Interface

    Leave the command-line behind. Configuration, data and transmission quality control are made easy with the CAPS web interface.

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    Commonly asked questions:

    Is CAPS compatible with SeedLink and vice versa?




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    Brochure and Manual

  • Common Acquisition Protocol Server (CAPS)
  • CAPS Manual
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