OSOP Wave Server

The OSOP Wave Server bridges the gap between your Earthworm and SeisComP Systems

At OSOP we encourage users to send all data, regardless of flavor, to a centralized Seedlink wave server for archival in a SeisComP Data Structure (SDS) waveform database as daily miniSEED records. Streams can then be imported into Earthworm and Earlybird systems with slink2ew. This greatly simplifies acquisition protocols and allows for redundant data processing systems (e.g., Earthworm, Earlybird and/ or SeisComP) to all feed off a single data acquisition and archival system (Seedlink + slarchive).

In 2012, OSOP introduced a new product in C++ called the “OSOP Wave Server” (OWS) which essentially makes the SDS look like a wave server. The user points his OWS at his Seedlink server(s) and SDS miniSEED database. Then everything is transparent to Earthworm: getmenu, waveman2disk, heli_ewII, localmag, gmew, ew2mseed, Swarm and anything else that requires a wave server all work as normal. OWS streams data directly from the Seedlink server. Older data is instantly queued up from the SDS miniSEED database. The OSOP Wave Server drives Swarm and other tools as fast (often faster) as the Winston Wave Server (WWS).

Earthworm modules known to work with OWS:

  • ew2mseed
  • getmenu
  • gmew
  • heli_ewII
  • localmag
  • Theoretically, everything is transparent to Earthworm and anything else that requires a wave server should work.

Other programs known to work with OWS:

  • Swarm
  • Obspy’s obspy.earthworm

Before and After the OSOP Wave Server

OSOP Wave Server

Before and after the OSOP Wave Server

Why OWS beats the WWS every time:

  • Simpler system = easier to maintain
  • With OWS you no longer have to implement the memory-hungry JAVA-based WWS
  • Swarm is no longer tied to Earthworm and can work with SeisComP or a stand-alone SeedLink server
  • OWS serves waveforms faster than the WWS
  • There is only one waveform database to maintain
  • The miniSEED waveform database is Linux friendly (e.g., cat a group a miniSEED files to create a super miniSEED file)
  • OWS is not only well documented and rigorously maintained but comes with a guarantee of customer satisfaction, full support and continued development

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