SeisComP Pro

Introducing an even better SeisComP package:

SeisComP Pro

A commercial-grade alternative to Antelope is now available with better commercial support and wider distribution. Developed by Gempa with GFZ-approval and distributed by OSOP, SeisComP Pro meets the needs of seismic observatories and companies that require commercial grade software and support to ensure that their software never fails.

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SeisComP Pro

SeisComP PRO- developed by GFZ, improved by Gempa and supported by OSOP. Image source: Gempa


World-wide SeisComP installations (last updated March, 2014)

SeisComP Pro offers:

SeisComP PRO Moment Tensor

SeisComP PRO Moment Tensor Review. Image source: Gempa

  • HTML interfaces for all GUIs (scolv, the picker, scesv, scmv, scrttv, scqcv, scconfig, …)
  • Dissemination Server for sending email, sms, fax, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp,…
  • Web page similar to EQEVENTS tailored to your observatory
  • QCLog web page similar to QCLog
  • Local event detection and location: scanloc
  • Automatic moment tensor/CMT module
  • Interactive moment tensor module: Brochure; YouTube video
  • SeedLink’s replacement: The Common Acquisition Protocol Server (CAPS)
  • Real-time tsunami modelling software “TOAST
  • Real-time volcano monitoring software “Vortex
  • A lifetime with software upgrades and bug fixes valid for 2 years or an annual license where the software is always up-to-date



A Gempa Product

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See: SeisComPro Buyer’s Guide: ENG ESP



Use short-period sensors to densify your network and improve SeisComP locations:


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See: SeisComPro Buyer’s Guide: ENG ESP

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SeisComP was originally developed by Helmholtz-Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences. For more information see