Seismic Software

Real-time Earthquake Monitoring for Seismic Observatories & Civil Defense

We will configure and fully integrate any suite of seismic monitoring packages.

Real-time earthquake monitoring solutions:

We configure, support and offering training in all of the following software packages:

  • Earlybird [Developed by WCATWC-NOAA]
  • Earthworm (including Swarm, WaveMon and Winston) [Developed by USGS]
  • OSOP Wave Server (OWS) [Developed by OSOP]
  • SeedLink (see also: the Common Acquisition Protocol Server (CAPS))
  • SeisComP 2.6
  • SeisComP 3 [SeisComP3 was developed by Helmholtz-Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences. For more information see OSOP has a commercial license to install, maintain, train and give classes in SeisComP]
  • SeisComP Pro [A Gempa product distributed by OSOP]
  • Swarm [Developed by USGS]
  • TOAST Tsunami Modelling Software [A Gempa product distributed by OSOP]
  • Winston [Developed by USGS]
  • See also: The Decision Module (“Módulo de Decisión”) [Developed by OSOP]

For a comparison between SeisComP and Earthworm please see “An Almost Fair Comparison Between Earthworm and SeisComp3” by Marco Olivieri and John Clinton

Real-time seismic analysis:

  • BLNSS (Base-level noise seismic spectrum) [Developed by Ramón Macia]
  • RSAM/ SSAM [Developed by OSOP]
  • ShakeMap/ Cast [Developed by USGS] and OSOP’s ShakeArray system

Earthquake post-processing:

  • NonLinLoc [Developed by Anthony Lomax]
  • numpy, obspy, scipy, matplotlib
  • Seisan [Developed by UiB]
  • SeisComP to Seisan (seiscomp2seisan) [Developed by OSOP]

Other software packages we support:

  • ArcGIS [Developed by ESRI]
  • CRISIS97 [Developed by UNAM]
  • dataless2RESPpz [Developed by OSOP]
  • Glowworm
  • JPlotResp
  • PDCC [Developed by IRIS]
  • PQLX [Developed by Boaz Consultancy]
  • rdseed [Developed by IRIS]
  • SeisGram2K [Developed by Anthony Lomax]
  • Seismonux
  • SQLX [A Nanometrics product developed by Boaz Consultancy and distributed by OSOP]
  • TauP [Developed by USC]

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Seismic Software Development

Need another solution? Let us design it for you. Send your requirements to our technical team at [email protected]. OSOP leads software development projects in Python, C, C++ for all supported software packages.

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