How hard did it shake and where?


At OSOP we are on a mission to do for seismology what the weatherman did for weather. We envision a world of cheap, ubiquitous seismic sensors, fully automated local monitoring systems, and tightly integrated hardware and software solutions.

When plates collide, large magnitude earthquakes can be devastating. In a crisis situation like this, civil defense first responders need accurate real-time information outlining which sectors of the population were hit the hardest. The only question that matters is How hard did it shake? ShakeArray answers this question in a way civil defense personnel and the public can understand.

ShakeArray is a whole new vision for seismology. The software and hardware are inseparable. The server, Darien strong motion sensors and software work seamlessly to acquire and process data in real-time, calculate earthquake locations, magnitudes and, most importantly, display maps showing where the ground shook the most. This information is then made available for public consumption via Twitter, Facebook, sms, WhatsApp and email.

And it is ALL automated.