Tsunami Modelling Software

The first and only commercial-grade software for modelling tsunami wave propagation from real-time earthquake data.


A Gempa Product

A turn-key solution to Tsunami detection and hazard prevention. TOAST seamlessly connects to your SeisComP to provide tsunami simulation world-wide. Historical and scenario-based simulations are made possible by TOAST’s SeisComP database connection and interactive rupture generation mode.

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Tsunami Modelling Software

Developed by Gempa, OSOP now distributes and supports TOAST (Tsunami Observation And Simulation Terminal). Image Source: Gempa


Features Include

  • Automatic reception of earthquake information (origin time, location, depth, magnitude and MT)
  • Direct connectivity to SeisComP
  • Access of historic events from SeisComP3 database
  • Connectivity to other QuakeML compatible systems
  • Support of the “on the fly” simulation program EasyWave (developed by Dr. Andrey Babeyko, GFZ) with optional GPU calculation
  • Calculation of SSH, SSHMax, isochrones, arrival times, coastal wave height
  • Automatic generation of rupture area
  • Interactive rupture generation and manual trigger
  • Aggregation of scenarios (also from different sources) to determine overall worst case
  • Saving scenarios in a database
  • Displacement simulation
  • Configurable fault lines
  • Definition of fault parameters (dip, slip) for automatic rupture generation
  • Linear dip of faults
  • Import of ASCII data
  • Flexible dip of faults (dip changes with distance to fault)
  • POI configuration
  • Configuration of POIs with different types (tide gauge, buoy, etc)
  • Configuration of different symbols per POI type
  • Bulletins
  • Automatic bulletin generation based on predefined templates
  • Customization of templates
  • HTML export
  • Video output of simulation
  • Sensor data acquisition
  • IOC web page plug-in (tide gauge)
  • SeedLink plug-in
  • Tide gauge and buoy data via the Common Acquisition Protocol Server (CAPS)
  • Basic automatic anomaly detection

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