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What’s inside a Lennartz 3D-Lite

What's inside a Lennartz 3D-Lite

“PLEASE, BY ALL MEANS RESIST THE TEMPTATION OF OPENING THE SENSOR! As we have stated previously, there are (very literally!) no user serviceable parts inside, and you will only make things worse. Once the sensor has been opened, the average user is unable to reseal the sensor […]

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What’s inside an STS-2 Seismometer? Ants!

What's inside an STS-2 Seismometer? Ants!

I am starting a new section on the OSOP page. It will be called What’s Inside. It will mostly be seismometers but surely not limited to that. You just never know that the things you learn dissembling that Mikrotik Groove radio will come in handy when you […]

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