Tandem bikes

In my last blog I mentioned that I was in the bike business in my former life. I retired from R+E Cyces, still home of Rodriguez Bicycles in the early nineties. R+E Cycles just had it 40th birthday in March and I was there for the party. Our specialty back then was tandem. Carla and I lived tandems and even wrote the book which you can now buy for your kindle.

The Tandem book two new copies online for $297, such a deal. $4.99 on Kindle and good reviews. Just “one click” it.

I just received a photo from Dan McNamara, he is now the proud (I hope) owner of our last tandem, rodriguez Tandem of course. What a joy to see that Rodriguez Tandem being ridden again and best of all by a father/daughter combination. That particular tandem was made in the very late eighties and still has years of life in it. It might be the first time in a long time that I longed for the past.


Taking things apart and making things is just in my blood. Maybe in a future blog I will show you what is in-side a fancy tandem bike.


One thought on “Tandem bikes

  1.  we are enjoying the tandem as much as possible.with a few mods it works great for my family.notice the fatter tires, flat front bar and flipped up rear drop bar to accomodate small riders.thanks

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