The Virtual Seismic Community

When you need help, you just need help! Here are a list of seismic software mailing lists (in alphabetical order).

“The [seismic community] is greater than the sum of its parts.” -Aristotle. So contribute often!



Earthworm– Questions on the Winston Wave Server or Swarm? Send them to the Earthworm mailing list. (see also: The Earthworm Developer’s list: Email ewdev-subscribe @ isti . com)

Gismo Tools




IRIS (Software Announcements)

IRIS (webservices)

IRIS- a complete list of mailing lists maintained by IRIS

Obspy (see also: The ObSpy developer’s list)


PSN (NOTE: This is the go-to list for all WinSDR- and WinQUAKE-related questions)


SAC (see also: The SAC developer’s list)



Seismic Handler- Email: [email protected]

ShakeMap developer’s list


Know of another list? Leave a Comment!


2 comment(s) on “The Virtual Seismic Community

  1. Hahahahaha –> “Occasionally, a frustrated new GMT user will convince him/herself that their work is of paramount importance and hence they feel justified in digging up our phone numbers and calling us directly to get personal attention to their vexing problem. Please don’t even think about doing this unless you are prepared to pay our standard consulting fee of USD 300 per hour and endure insults that would make hardened C-programmers blush…”

  2. hahahah HILARIOUS. I had never read this little note at the bottom of the GMT mailing list page:

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