Short-period seismometers. Remastered.

Introducing the Sixaola.


For as long as seismologist’s can remember they have had to spend fortunes on ever broader broad-band seismometers. This drained budgets and kept coverage low. No more. With the newest version of the Sixaola seismometer, you can install 15 times more stations for the price of a single broad band.

The Sixaola was designed with you in mind. Simplicity was THE driving force in her design. Having grown tired of installing seismometers that required a PhD in engineering to operate, we designed our own. It only takes a few minutes of practice to master the Sixaola. We recently installed 70 Sixaolas across all of Costa Rica. The entire installation took only 1.5 weeks.

Station density matters. OSOP seismographs improve the speed & accuracy of automated detection systems.

World-wide Sixaola Sales (updated November, 2016)
Total: 220

Advantages over other popular short-period instruments like the Lennartz 3D include:

Made in Panama by OSOP

Made in Panama by OSOP

  • An all-in-one solution. We have integrated the sensors, the 24-bit digitizers, the computer and the GPS into a single box.
  • Integrated acceleration and/ or infrasound channels (ideal for structural and volcano monitoring)
  • Tight integration with SeisComP (including fdsnws and scautopick-like modules that send picks directly from the Sixaola to your SeisComP’s scmaster)
  • Native SeedLink and CAPS servers.
  • At OSOP, user friendly design is King. The Sixaola comes with a web interface to allow a rapid configuration.
  • Whereas, the Lennartz gives a single-ended (or “psuedo-differential”) output, the Sixaola converts the geophone’s single-ended output to differential, allowing the Sixaola to use the digitizer’s entire dynamic range.
  • We have extended the flat portion of the geophone’s response curve even lower to 0.5 Hz and added an additional pole at 6 seconds to provide for a steeper noise reduction before the 5-7 second microseism noise peak.
  • The signal is converted to velocity even earlier on in the circuit. This is unique to OSOP’s design (Thank’s Dave!). The advantage is that acceleration is not seen in any stage, thus reducing the possibility of clipping from high frequency noise.
  • The Sixaola comes with her DATALESS, inventory-xml, SAC_PZ and RESP files already generated and ready for download from her on-board computer. This makes integration with the IRIS-DMC super easy.

And yeah, the Sixaola speaks SeedLink. 


  • 6 components: 3 components of velocity and 3 of acceleration (Now you can add infrasound!)
  • Digitizer: 24 bit (144 dB)
  • OS: Debian
  • Software for data acquisition: SeedLink & CAPS (Antelope, Earthworm and SeisComP compatible)
  • Timing: GPS or NTP
  • Ethernet, TCP/IP
  • USB memory for local backup and field campaigns
  • More specs: Complete Specifications
  • Read the ASL test report from March, 2016 laboratory tests at the Albuquerque Seismic Laboratory in the United States of America
  • Certificación SGC (INGEOMINAS), Colombia


90 units testing prior to delivery to the RSN-UCR in Costa Rica. Need a metal enclosure? No problem!

Recommended Applications:

  • Local and Regional Seismic Monitoring
  • Urban/ Structural Monitoring
  • Volcano Monitoring
  • Surveillance of Geothermal Fields
  • Fracking Monitoring (e.g., Oklahoma)
  • Registration of Seismic Noise and Studies of Soil Amplification (H/V).

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